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Facto opened its doors in 1999 in a former butcher shop in Bairro Alto at a time when hairstyling was very traditional and old-fashioned. Against all odds, we created a new and edgy concept that broke all the stagnant rules in hairdressing and raised the quality of salon services.

This idea was brought together by international experience, rigorous training, passion and a new vision of what we saw in hair. In a relatively short time, Facto won several national and international competitions, including winning 3 times 1st place in the prestigious Wella Trend Vision Award in Portugal and winning 1st place in the world competition. Facto continues to be part of all the Wella events and is regularly involved with new colour and product launches. We are proud to be Wella’s PREMIER Flagship salon, member of The Leading Salons of the World group, MTV OFFICIAL Hair Salon and as Antony is a Wella Ambassador we get to be on the forefront of all the latest news and trends. These achievements can only be maintained with a carefully selected team who have years of experience and techniques at the highest level, who listens carefully to the client resulting in a clear understanding of what the client wishes for and, most importantly, in a friendly and professional way.
Giving our team constant national and international training, combined with daily research for new trends creates the perfect ingredients for a successful team. We provide training for a new generation of fresh and original individuals looking to express themselves as hairstylists.

Facto has two locations, Bairro Alto and Saldanha, both are unique spaces with inspiration from British rock ‘n’ Roll and Portuguese heritage, distributed over two areas and with a team of 16 professionals ready to take care of you and your hair.


Resident in Portugal since 1996, Antony Millard is Facto’s owner and creative director together with his wife Sónia Millard. Since 1999 he has been revolutionizing the way of cutting hair in Portugal. Antony Millard has been manager for Westrow salons, creative director of Toni & Guy and special guest for the BBC program ‘Clothes Show’ alongside Trevor Sorbie and Nicky Clark. Antony is Wella´s guest Creative Top Stylist in Portugal, ambassador for Wella Professionals and member of Sebastian International Cult Team. Antony built his reputation through his work, constant motivation, training for his team and strong support from the national press.


Started her professional career in Procter & Gamble after studying architecture. Main objective was designing hair salons and commercial spaces all over Portugal creating modern, fashionable and iconic spaces.
After she joined Saber Viver magazine as one of the editors for the I LOVE supplement and in 2012 Sónia becomes officially part of the brand FACTOhair were she creates the interior design and atmosphere of the salons and manages all the business and social media.